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[SKINCARE] About SOME BY MI Cosmetic Story

SOME BY MI Story Amazing Miracle of the Good Ingredient A brand committed to the essence of cosmetics, SOME BY MI is a compound word of'SOMETHING’ and 'BY A MIRACLE’. It means our wish to deliver a miracle on your skinthrough the good ingredients found in nature and self-developed technology of SOME BY MI. What is the ‘Miracle’ that skin really want? Is the temporary effect of insincerely made cosmetic a real miracle?Are we really providing the right solution for our skin?We started by asking these kinds of questions over and over again. When We Started?

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[SKINCARE] About Pyunkang yul Cosmetic Story

PYUNKANG YUL Story Minimal Ingredients for Delivering Skin Relaxation  Pyunkang Yul does not include unnecessary chemical ingredients just for better color or fragrance. Over 40 years of experience and research, we have been seeking the best formula to grow natural skin's barrier. Skin relaxation delivered by minimal ingredientsPyunkang Yul has boldly abandoned ingredients that arefar from the main functions and which are usedto express pleasant scents, colors, and unique texturein general cosmetics. We provide a comfortable skin restby emptying unnecessary ingredients and containingonly essential ingredients. Why PYUNKNAG YUL? Miracle of eastern medicine treatmentPatients who suffered from incurablediseases such as atopic dermatitis,rhinitis, and asthma were completelycured through our eastern medicinetreatment. We have secured anunrivaled reputation for thetreatment of atopic dermatitis andsensitive...

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[SKINCARE] About Benton Cosmetic Story

Benton Story'Benton' is inspired by and named after the movie'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'in which Benjamin Button grows younger with time.In the movie,Benjamin has no choice but to leave his love Daisy as he becomes younger.What if Daisy also could turn back the time of her physical appearance?Wouldn’t she be happier?It may be just a fictional movie,but wouldn’t most people have the same desire to be young again?Likewise, Benton wishes to turn back the time of your skin with healthy cosmetics.Benton strives to become the trustworthy cosmetics brand that to make high-quality, healthy cosmetics yet reasonable priceby excluding harmful and controversal ingredients from the beginning of the developments in principle. When We Started? Established in 2011,Benton is a pioneer...

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